Photo of me at my friend’s Igba Nkwu wedding ceremony back in October.


Hey! Cassandra here. If you’re wondering, I’m just here to share the traditions and customs of weddings in my culture. I am of the Igbo (ee-boe) tribe and was born in Enugu (eh-noo-goo) state in Nigeria (Nigeria is the country, Enugu is the state.) If someone from Nigeria were to ask me where I’m from, though, I would tell them Anambra (ah-nahm-brah) state, because that’s where my father is from, even though my mother and I were born in Enugu state.

Although there are many aspects to my beloved culture, I wanted to hone in on weddings because, in America especially, a lot of people only see the lavishness, and money, and beautiful outfits. Nigerian weddings are so cultural, and symbolic and sacred, and I feel it is important to share more about it so that I can inspire people, who may not even be Nigerian, to look beyond the glitz and glam, and appreciate it the way I do.

Enjoy my site, and feel free to sound off in the comments and let me know what you think!


Fun Facts:
  • Nigeria has the largest population of black people in the world.
  • ┬áNigerians often call Nigeria “Naija” as a nickname.
  • ┬áI’ve been going my middle name, Cassandra, since the 8th grade. This was when I moved, and I wanted to recreate myself. I was mostly tired of teachers messing up my name during roll call. My real name is Adaobi (yes, it’s pronounced like the software, BUT it’s not spelled the same, nor does it have the same cultural significance). In my Igbo language, it means ” the first daughter of the royal palace.”




Date Last Updated: 5/9/2017

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